DIY BFG Dream Jar

****** NOW WITH YOU TUBE VIDEO!*********

We went to see The BFG over the summer, and ever since then I’ve been thinking about how I could make a dream jar night-light, and here’s my attempt.

Firstly I saved the biggest jar I could find, this one used to have gherkins in it. I got some balloon / lantern lights from e-bay, these ones twist on and off, and change colour.


Then with a little bit of fishing line, a hot glue gun and some stuffing I made a little cloud to hang inside the jar. The light is in the middle of the cloud.

I can still twist the light on and off as the stuffing is just wrapped round it.

I hot glued a big bead to the top of the jar and covered it in paper mache, then when it was dry I painted it gold. The label is just torn round the edges to look like the jars in the film.

I was so pleased with how it turned out! We are going to have to get eating gherkins so I can make some more as gifts.


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