My Story

Hello and welcome , my name is Leah Mason, I set up Ena Green in 2009. I am a one woman show, (with the support of my lovely partner and 2 lively children), I am based in Nottingham, in the UK, and have lived there for over 10 years now, before that I was based in London where I studied.

I have had a fairly nomadic and interesting childhood, being brought up on a canal boat by creative and alternative parents, this has given me a real thirst for working in the creative industries. During my time in London I completed a degree in Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art , as well as being involved in many varied community arts projects.

It was only after settling down and having my children that I discovered my calling, and applied my creative skills to making gifts and toys for them, family and friends and this evolved into the small business I have today.

During my many hours with myself being at home with 2 young children I developed an alter ego and she has helped me…. Ena Green, she is always glamours and has lots fabulous friends, and goes to lots of fabulous parties and is brilliant at everything she does…. and unlike me would never accidentally go out with weetabix encrusted on her trousers or baby sick down her back, and would definitely never get up and look in the mirror to see if she can get away without brushing her hair before going to the shops.

She does all the right things, exercises, eats 5 a day…… she is who I am aiming for with a little bit of fantasy glamour frosting for good measure.
So me and Ena are on our journey, we are taking my sense of humour and a bit of bravado along with us and generally hoping for the best.

It started with some Local life drawing classes…and then some tote bags for my mother-in-laws church fair, then I discovered Folksy and Etsy and a few more sales and a little more confidence later, I made a friend on the school run, Lucie and what do you know, she was a maker too, so I shared all I had learnt so far, and we started doing local craft fairs together.

and the final explosion happened when I was preparing for my wedding, one instagram photo of a paper rose made from old sheet music, and I had a list of orders, and there it was, the seed of an Idea for a business, nice things I can make and sell.