Postcard From Suburbia



I thought I’d better catch you all up, and explain the radio silence a little bit… so here we go πŸ™‚

We have moved from Nottingham to Leicester, to a bigger house, in a more suburban area, for a time there LP and I were both commuting from Nottingham to Leicester full-time, both also doing part-time and weekend work all while selling a house, and being parents, whew! and to top it all off we ended up moving 2 days before Christmas, and we had family coming for Christmas day, I’m still recovering I think….. but since then the kids have settled into school, I have got a lovely new job in a local school working as the Art Technician, and I turned 40! and finally after all that I am also getting a bigger studio space in the garage, but that is going to need a bit more work I’ll show you that as it progresses.

I’ll keep you posted on my new makes and studio over the next few weeks.

Bye for now

Leah X

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