How I made my Wedding Bouquet

Download and print this flower petal template (If you print it at A4 it should be around the same size as the flowers I have made.)

Paper flower petal template

You are going to need the following things:

  • SciIMG_2732ssors
  • Florists WireYou can pick this and the tape up from craft shops or online.
  • Florists tapeYou could use strips of paper if you’d rather, but this works well as it tends not to tear too easily.
  • A small beadfor the end of the wire/centre of your flower
  • Wire Cutters/Pliers
  • A Cocktail stick
  • A Peg


You can use a variety of papers, I have used a comic here, but old maps, novels, sheet music, old dress patterns I’ve even used old takeaway menus before.

You will need 3 petals of each size, and then use the cocktail stick to gently curl the edges (check out the YouTube video to see me doing this)

then starting with the smallest petals slowly stick them around the wire and bead.


Here are some examples of bouquets and flowers I have made.