How I knitted a cat…….

Hello folks, I’ve been meaning to do this blog for ages, as so many people like the knitted cat, so I’ll be honest….. it took flipping ages, I have basic knitting skills, but I am by no means an expert….. but with a bit of help from YouTube I got there.

My mum sent me the link, gushing over it, so I though I’d have a go (I like an ambitious project)

This where I found the pattern

You’ll have to sign up to Ravelry, but if you like knitting crochet then I’d recommend it anyway, they have loads of free patterns too.

Now you’ll need some double ended needles, I got mine from e-bay, but if they come from China you might have to wait a few weeks….

I also had to track down some wool for this project, I chose some the changed colour slightly to make the cat look as real as possible, I found mine in The Range, and Hobbycraft

Now once you have the pattern, the needles and the wool I used a few YouTube tutorials to help me through it.

And then i started to knit (about 6 times before I got it right!) the first one was stolen by my daughter, so I had to make another one for my mum.

and here he is….






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